June Summer Clearance

For a limited time only, we will have over 100 wedding dresses on sale for $50
First come, first serve!!

Welcome to DINAH'S BOUTIQUE - You will be pleased to see the large selection of Pageant, Prom, and Bridal dresses. DINAH'S also has a nice selection of Bridesmaid, Flower girl and Mother of the Bride dresses. Altogether, we have over 5,000 dresses currently in stock. There are Slips and Crinolines, as well as children's Tuxedos to rent. Many of the Shoes and Bridal accessories you will require are available at DINAH'S. Some of the top designers featured in Modern Bride and Teen Prom magazine are available.

DINAH'S may also let you trade in your current prom-pageant-wedding dress towards the purchase of a different gown or a credit slip to be used at either Dinah's Boutique or Floral Acres. Prices given on a trade-in cannot be given on the phone, as your gown will have to be inspected. There have been times when a trade is not even considered. Compare our prices. It's worth the drive. If you bring or send a new customer, you will get 10% credit on the new customer's first purchase. Satisfied customers are the best advertisement available, and we aim to please.